Codex Integrity Limited provides process safety and engineering services to organisations within the energy, process and chemical sectors. Working with our clients we ensure that they are provided with the correct expertise and support to manage the hazards in their workplace and continually improve both safety and efficiency in their operations.

Our exceptional technical staff, all with operational backgrounds, fully understand the requirements of current legislation and the appropriate application. We use this practical experience to ensure that all process safety improvements are fully developed and integrated. 

We are available to offer support to clients in the following key elements of site process safety.


Codex Integrity can provide experienced personnel to fulfil the roles of leader, technical participant and scribe for a number of risk assessment techniques:

•     Process Hazard Review (PHR)

•     HAZID

•     HAZOP

•     What if?

•     FMEA

•     Quantitative Risk Assessment(QRA)

•     LOPA and SIL Determination


Our team of engineers includes personnel who are appropriately qualified to provide for the following services for areas classified as hazardous under the ATEX/DSEAR regulations:

•     Area classification studies and drawings

•     Equipment selection procedures and support

•     Equipment inspection and maintenance procedures

•     Field equipment inspections


Our team of engineers have significant experience of working in managerial, operational and engineering roles on both Upper and Lower Tier COMAH regulated sites. This practical experience of frequent exposure to regulatory bodies, such as the HSE, puts Codex Integrity Limited in a unique position to work with sites to assist in the following areas:

•     Review and technical contribution to COMAH safety reports

•     Provisional of technical support to operational sites for HSE intervention visits

•     Test audits and inspections against recognised regulatory standards

•     Demonstration of ALARP


Our engineers have practical experience of sizing and specifying relief systems for process and utility equipment and systems. In addition to the basic sizing calculations, we are also experienced in:

•     Vendor selection and tender management for relief valves

•     Revalidation of existing relief cases and calculations

•     Establishing testing and maintenance procedures


Ensuring that alarm functionality is fit for service and does not create “nuisance alarms” that in turn results in operator confusion is a key element in process safety. Our engineers have practical experience of working with operating SCADA and DCS systems to ensure that process alarms are managed to the expected regulatory standards by working with clients on the following:

•     Statistical operational data analysis of all process alarm activity

•     Reviews of operational data against relevant hazard analysis and design requirements

•     Establishment of alarm management procedures

•     Justification for alarm rationalisation and set point adjustment

•     Establishment of testing procedures and frequencies for alarms


In addition to providing the more traditional engineering aspects of process safety, Codex Integrity Limited have personnel who have recently been involved in all aspects of developing a formal Safety Process Safety Management process, including;

•     Assessing and improving safety culture

•     Development and implementation of Safety Management Systems

•     Creation of Safety KPIs

•     Engineering standards and procedures auditing and development

•     Process procedures auditing and development


We can provide a number of support activities to cover:

•     Dispersion Modelling

•     Environmental Impact Assessment

•     Explosion Modelling

•     Fire Modelling 


Ensuring processes are operating as efficiently as possible is a requirement for all site operators, Codex Integrity Limited’s process engineers have significant practical experience of working with operators to identify and quantify process improvement opportunities through a variety of techniques ,including:

•     Statistical process modelling

•     Energy efficiency auditing

•     Pinch Analysis

•     Process control reviews and alarm management (DCS and SCADA)

•     Operating procedure reviews


In order to implement process improvements or support clients with executing capital projects, Codex Integrity Limited can complement our project engineering expertise to provide the following:

•     CDM Regulations 2015 support

•     Front End Engineering Design(FEED) studies

•     Generation of User Requirement Specifications (URS) and Functional Design Specifications (FDS)

•     Process hazard identification and risk assessment (See ‘PROCESS SAFETY’)

•     Equipment specification and tender management

•     Early equipment management

•     Contactor and vendor selection

•     Installation specification and tender management

•     Preparation of commissioning documentation and support

•     Pre-start up safety reviews


Codex Integrity Limited also provides 2-D and 3-D CAD expertise who work in collaboration with our process engineers to provide clients with a complete drawing service, covering:

•     PFD and P&ID generation

•     P&ID auditing and redrafting

•     3-D piping and equipment modelling

•     Piping isometrics

•     Site layout drawings

•     Hazardous area classification drawings

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