In order that integrity management practices are fully comprehensive, the integration of support disciplines is essential. To achieve this, Codex Integrity Limited operate with a multi-faceted approach, covering a range of engineering support services.   


Our electrical engineering capability includes:

•     Equipment specification and certification

•     Hazardous area equipment classification, specification, maintenance and inspection

•     Power protection studies; electronics, control and drives

•     Electrical protection setting verification

•     Thermal imaging of power distribution systems, switchboards, transformers and MCCs

•     Effectiveness review of transformers, HV/LV Switchboards and UPS systems

•     Harmonic studies

•     Cable and lighting calculations

•     Trace heating assessments

•     UPS and battery calculations

•     Commissioning of all systems and equipment


Our instrumentation and control engineering capability includes:

•     Cause & effect generation and review

•     Conceptual and detailed system design engineering

•     Reverse engineering, retrofit, plant life extension and upgrade packages

•     ESD, fire and gas system design philosophy and evaluation

•     Development of specifications, test plans and commissioning protocols

•     Production of detailed schematics and loop drawings

•     PLC and SCADA software testing

•     System installation, FAT, pre-commissioning and commissioning

•     Lifecycle support and maintenance

•     Marine vessel and MODU propulsion and positioning system appraisal


Our mechanical engineering capability includes:

•     Equipment data sheet development

•     Mechanical and static system design reviews

•     Mechanical drawing generation - GA, isometric, layout

•     Vibration analysis of rotating equipment

•     Inspection of mechanical equipment and machined parts

•     Hydraulic system commissioning, acceptance and maintenance

•     Crane inspection and lifting appliance surveys

•     NDT inspection

•     Third party vendor equipment inspections

Codex cover a wide range of static system engineering, including stress analysis of refinery, offshore topsides and chemical piping systems to ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.1, BS EN 13480-3 and PD8010-2 design codes to determine thermal stresses, equipment nozzle loadings and pipe support requirements (variable and constant load springs) using Caesar II software.

We can also provide a comprehensive range of pipe stress analysis services such as:

•     Critical line selection

•     Static and dynamic analysis of pipework systems

•     Fatigue analysis

•     Vortex shedding analysis

•     Pipe support surveying of onshore and offshore plants

•     Assessment of nozzle loadings to WRC-107, API610

•     Design calculations c/w calculation and assessment of relief valve reaction loads to API 520 and slug flow loadings

•     Design and selection of variable and constant load spring supports including support schedules and datasheets

•     Pipe support design and verification

•     Detailed reporting

•     In-service fitness for service assessments and remnant life studies


Codex Integrity Limited frequently support site operations by implementing and executing maintenance and assurance activities as determined by the project and engineering study requirements. This includes:

•     Factory and Site acceptance testing

•     System installation and commissioning

•     Condition and life extension surveys; Dropped Object surveys

•     Hazardous area inspection and maintenance including rope access capability

•     Platform to MODU interfacing

•     Routine and corrective maintenance

•     System and equipment upgrades

•     Decommissioning

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