Codex Integrity Limited provides organisations within the energy, process chemical and marine sectors with integrity management and engineering support covering design, in-service operation and asset life-extension. This support includes:

•     Design Review and Appraisal

•     Integrity Management Systems

•     Legislative Compliance

•     Audits and Implementation Action Plans

•     Risk based Inspection Programmes

•     In-Service NDE inspection; Fabric Maintenance

•     Campaign Surveys

•     Anomaly Management and Fitness-for-Service Assessment

•     Performance Management

•     Continual Improvement


We have a very experienced engineering and technical staff who fully understand the importance of implementing bespoke, practical frameworks to manage asset integrity. The complexity, and the interactions required between all relevant disciplines, must be identified and controls put in place to collect, analyse and measure integrity data.

By incorporating all the influencing factors, integrity management becomes an inherent part of day-to-day operations. This integration maximises safety, ensures statutory/regulatory compliance and maintains highest levels of productivity and profitability. We have experience of regulatory audits, internal and external corporate audits; and UKAS audits.

For complex assets, our typical approach includes:

•     Policy and Strategy

•     Integrity Management System Documentation

•     Asset Integrity Models (AIM)

•     Degradation Assessments

•     Risk Assessment and Residual Risk Profiling

•     Risk-Based Written Schemes of Examination

•     Integrity and Inspection Work Packs

•     Data Analysis

•     Anomaly Management

•     Performance Management; Lessons Learned 


Our clients benefit from:

•     Increased confidence of their asset’s safety

•     Improved understanding of their risk profile

•     Improved plant performance and profitability

•     Improved efficiency and integration between technical and operational teams

•     Optimised mitigation, inspection and repair costs

•     Successful corporate and regulatory audit performance

•     Fully documented and demonstrable integrity management

•     Increased workforce knowledge and confidence in plant condition and integrity management


Although there are significant benefits of embedding Codex Integrity Limited within a clients’ organisation, we are also very effective when providing ad-hoc support, including:

•     Design Reviews

•     Integrity and Inspection Management Effectiveness Audits

•     Failure Investigations

•     Material Selection Guidance

•     Corrosion Under Insulation, Potential Dropped Object, Bolting; Fabric Maintenance Surveys

•     Fabric Maintenance Activity Planning, Execution and Performance Management

•     Vendor Audits

•     Integrity, Inspection and Corrosion Awareness Training


Codex Integrity Limited provides organisations within the energy, process chemical and marine sectors with corrosion engineering support, in conjunction with our integrity management services. This support includes:

•     Design Review and Appraisal

•     Corrosion Management Systems; Auditing

•     Corrosion Risk Assessments

•     Material Selection and Weld Procedure Approval

•     Corrosion and Chemical Treatment Optimisation

•     Corrosion Awareness Training

•     Coating System Appraisal

•     Cathodic Protection System Selection and Testing

•     Campaign Surveys

•     Anomaly Management and Rectifications

•     Performance Management

•     Continual Improvement

Codex Integrity’s corrosion engineering competencies and experience allows a wide range of value-adding services, including:

•     Corrosion Policy and Strategy

•     Corrosion Management Systems

•     Corrosion Degradation Assessments

•     Corrosion Rate Calculation

•     Corrosion Risk Assessments; Risk Profiling

•     Risk-Based Written Schemes of Examination

•     Chemical Injection Review

•     Corrosion Monitoring

•     Data Analysis

•     Remnant Life Surveys

•     Anomaly Management

•     Corrosion Management Key Performance Indicators

•     Performance Management; Lessons Learned 

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